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Premium Refinement for your Porche. Since 1987
TECHART is the international premium brand for
the individualization of any Porche model. Driven by the highest demands on design excellence, high technology development competence, and our responsible attitude towards emotion and reason.
Our core principle: OE manufacturer quality visible and invisible. All genuine TECHART products are the result of this maxim.
in-house design and modelbuilding,  aerodynamic optimization in the wind-tunnel
component and track testing secures performance and every day use suitability
verification of material performance and crashworthiness
high-precition tooling for Polyurethane-RIM series production
in-house design and modelbuilding,  aerodynamic optimization in the wind-tunnel
component and track testing secures performance and everyday use suitability
verification of material performance and crashworthiness
high-precition tooling for Polyurethane-RIM series production

TECHART is unlimited freedom

Every individual has a different perspective on life. Different skills and talents.

A different way of living and thinking. A different perception of individuality.

So if you are deciding to add a part of your personality to your Porsche, what would be the right measure ofr uniqueness?

Only your Personal taste decides, which character traits you wish to emphasize.

TECHART provides an unsurpassed range of optios to really add your unique signature to your Porsche model.

wind tunnel tested aerodynamic bodykits

engine enhancements for superior driving dynamics

lightweight wheels

carbon fiber parts

breathtaking exhaust soundscapes

handcrafted interior refinement

TECHART Aerodynamics

TECHART body-kits and styling options underline the sport-focused attitude of individualized Porche models from every angle. Typically TECHART, the distinction of the exterior design is unmistakable. At the same time, it decently maintains the inimitable Porche design line.
The range of exterior TECHART options is versatile. Front spoilers and front aprons merge perfectly with the surrounding design. Rear wings and rear aprons are sporty statements, instantly visible. Accompanied by a manifold choice of TECHART body parts such as diffusers, side skirts, engine lids, roof spoilers as well as exterior trims and customized surface finishes, the variety of TECHART personalization for any Porche model is literally endless
Hard and demanding test procedures are development steps any genuine TECHART body-kit has to undergo. In terms of aerodynamic components, wind tunnel testing is crucial for both, optimum driving performance and highest active safety. As a result, TECHART body kits are not only breathtaking design upgrades.
They ensure well-balanced aerodynamics and improved driving stability.


Genuine TECHART wheels are exclusive TECHART-engineered designs, manufactured at the highest TECHART quality standards.

Such as the classic five-spoke TECHART Formula wheel. It's elegant shape incorporates large spaces between the spokes. This provides a clear view of the braking system and enables efficient heat dissipation at the same time.

TECHART formula Ⅱ is the sportive evolution of the TECHART Formula design, combining the advantages of a mono-block wheel and a multipart styling.

The forged TECHART Formula Ⅲ wheel is a statement of sportiness. The low weight of the dynamic twin-spokes wheel directly results in reduced unsprung masses and enhanced driving performance.

TECHART Formula Ⅳ wheels reinterpret the renowned TECHART wheel design in a beautiful five twin-spokes structure. Featuring a central locking device, its forged variant TECHART Formula Ⅳ Race is available for the 911 GTS, 911 Turbo and 911 GT3 families. In the production process, special forging technologies and undercut processing enables a particularly low weight.
New in August 2018: the multi-spoke wheel TECHART Formula Ⅴ. Unmistakable TECHART wheel design, translated into an exceptionally sporty rim. The 20fine spokes create a tensioned, turbine-like look. As standard, the wheel comes bi-colored in titanium grey/gloss turned or black/gloss turned.


TECHART Carbon Fiber

TECHART carbon fiber parts and customized surfaces hallmark your preference for individuality and add attractive design elements. Distinguished by sophisticated surface finishes, the TECHART Carbon Sport Packages set sincere motorsport styling highlights.

Carbon fiver as an ingredient material is part of a lot of TECHART aerodynamic components and styling options. But it is only the spotless look and feel of precisely manufactured carbon fiber structures, which makes it a perfect choice for premium-quality surface refinement. This guarantees harmony in style, matching the standard body colors and TECHART individual paints.

Made in TECHART's inhouse manufactory, genuine TECHART carbon fiber parts in matt or high-gloss finishes embody the freedom of personalization which is characteristic for the TECHART brand. TEHART carbon fiber is available for both, TECHART components such as air intakes or wing profiles as well as for OE parts, e.g. the Porche SportDesign mirrors.

TECHART Powerkits

TECHART provides impressive power gains for a lot of Porsche models.
The core of most TECHART power kits is the TECHTRONIC™ engine management system.
The installation is easy and quick, and it can be done by every authorized
TECHART sales partner without touching the standard engine management.

wind tunnel tested aerodynamic bodykits

engine enhancements for superior driving dynamics

lightweight wheels

carbon fiber parts

breathtaking exhaust soundscapes

handcrafted interior refinement

TECHART Exhaust Systems

To all admirers of audible driving pleasure: TECHART sport exhaust systems provide an impressive soundscape. For nearly every Porsche model, TECHART offers a range of sport exhaust systems and silencers to meet different individual preferences.

For a racier soundscape whenever you're in the mood, value-controlled sport exhaust systems dynamically adjust the sound according to the driving style. And for drivers who are searching for a motorsport-like appearance, TECHART's 》Racing《 exhaust systems are the right choice for an extraordinary audible presence.

A sign of individuality, even at standstill: TECHART tailpipes. Available in gloss chrome and matt black chrome, stainless steel TECHART tailpipes visibly underline the distinctive character of your Porche model.
For the 911 CareraS, Carrera4S, and Targa 4S, as well as for all 911 GTS models, TECHART also offers a sport exhaust system with two central tailpipes.

TECHART Interior Manufactory

Why should you let someone else decide how to furnish your individual interior of your Porsche model?

TECHART handcrafted interiors are world-renowned for their extraordinary level of quality and accuracy.
This applies to the careful choice of select materials, the tasteful orchestration of colors as well as our sense of design, and the unmatched precision and craftsmanship of the TECHART leather shop. You will be able to feel this diligence and effort immediately.

You might prefer to set some selective highlights, or you might entrust us to create your unique interior according to your personal perception and taste. Such as a uniquely designed TECHART interior, created of supple, natural leather. If you like, its design can incorporate colors, materials, or symbols that play an important role in your life.


TECHART Steering Wheels

Composed by materials and outstanding craftsmanship, TECHART steering wheels as well as
TECHART refined and refurbished Porsche steering wheels are individual pieces of art.

Shaped in a casting process using proprietary molding tools, the caoutchouc-like rubber compound has
to fulfill specific safety requirements. The material does not only give the shape to the steering wheel rim,
but it is designed to absorb impact energy through defined deforming.

The rich repertory of TECHART's master craftsmen turns this into a masterpiece made of finest materials.
Such as supple leather, precious wood veneers, Alcantara®, carbon fiber or high-gloss lacquered surfaces.

Just like new: TECHART for your Porsche steering wheel. Even if you do not choose a TECHART steering wheel
for your Porsche, all options for refinement and reconditioning are available for your steering wheel, too.
Feel free to select among the wide variety of colors and materials.


We help you keeping your Porsche in mint condition. With great attention to detail and in OE quality you can see and feel.
Such as neatening the typical traces of use, no matter if it's wear and tear or damage.

Interior Reconditioning. From adding a subtle highlight to the complete restoration of your vehicle interior,
the TECHART interior manufactory is at your command. We treat your steering wheel and gear shift lever with new supple leather,
we add hand-stitched accents to your interior and we can upgrade your steering wheel with TECHART paddle shifters.
Even if it's one of those multifunction PDK wheels which did not offer paddle shifters ex works.

Our engine specialists take care for the heart of your Porsche. With or without TECHART powerkit,
no matter how many miles and years you have enjoyed with your car so far -
it is our main task to increase the longevity and to maintain the value of your Porsche.

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